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An email marketing and promotional campaign is a low-cost, potentially high return activity that many businesses find an invaluable part of their promotional activites.

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We're not talking about the incessant, unsolicited junk email that everyone gets flooding into their inboxes - we mean consent-based, information-rich emails sent to relevant, interested recipients.

Emails like this are a great way to get relevant information about pricing deals, special offers, seasonal promotions and upcoming events out to the people that most want to hear about it. And because our marketing emails are only ever sent to people who have already indicated they are interested to receive them (normally via data capture forms on a website), and from which they can opt out at any time, they can't be classified as 'junk' emails.

We can design and build you an email marketing campaign that use the customer data captured on your website, and which integrates seamlessly with your promotional programme. Your emails can be designed to tie in with the design and style of your corporate brand, and you get access to a comprehensive stats panel that you lets you keep track of what happens to the emails you send.

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We can design and build your marketing emails for you, incorporating whatever styles you already have established in your company logo and branding and/or company website to ensure a consistency of tone and message. We can also manage the distribution of your emails to your target audience, and give you access to in-depth stats on who has read your emails and how they respond to your content.

If you'd like to chat about launching an email marketing campaign you can call us direct, or alternatively complete our project form for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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